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Electronic Duo Erra P. Release Their First Full Length Techno Album, ‘Barren’

In the densely populated world of electronic music where new releases are constantly
seeking attention, Ireland's esteemed electronic music duo, Erra P., has once again cut
through the noise with exceptional clarity. Their new album ‘Barren’ delivers mature
and dark undertones, offering an immersive auditory experience. The album not only
resonates with depth but also exemplifies Erra P.’s exceptional ability to engage and
captivate listeners, solidifying their presence within the Irish techno scene.

Prior to the full release, Erra P. prepared their audience with three distinct previews
from the forthcoming album. The initial release featured a double A-side: "Saugata," a
peak-time techno track pounding with energy, alongside "Saugata - Erra P. Remix," a
tech-house version that adds a fresh and mellow layer to the original. The second
preview, "Pale Red Dot," is a melodic techno track with a darkly grooving undertone and
a subtle, yet powerful progression. Interestingly, its title nods to Carl Sagan's iconic
'Pale Blue Dot,' hinting at the duo's interest and connection with the cosmos and the
unknown. The final teaser, "Focused," is a driving techno piece that highlights their
polished production skills. These tracks have resonated widely across the European
techno scene, earning respect from DJs and radio stations alike, and setting high
expectations for the upcoming album.

‘Barren’ marks a sonic odyssey that not only cements Erra P.’s reputation at the
forefront of Ireland's electronic music scene, but also broadens their appeal. It
captivates both seasoned lovers of techno and newcomers alike with its sophisticated
yet accessible compositions. Erra P.'s mastery in self-producing high-quality, assertive
techno shines through their careful selection of sounds and rhythms, coupled with a
minimalist and reductive approach to arrangements. This distinguishes them within the
Irish electronic music landscape. Remarkably, the entire album is self-produced,
mixed, and mastered by Erra P., showcasing their extensive musical expertise and
affirming their ability to manage every aspect of music creation with exceptional skill.

Erra P. comprises DJ Steffen Coonan, with his deep roots in House music, and Ciaran
O'Brien, whose classical training infuses a distinctive flavour into electronic music.
Together, they deliver 'Barren' an album at the cutting edge of modern techno. Available
on all major streaming platforms from April 18th, 'Barren' is an essential listen for techno
fans. Prepare to be captivated by an album that promises to leave an enduring

For media inquiries, please contact:
Ciaran O’Brien