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Radio in the UK is regulated by law, by the Office for Communications, and we are committed to ensuring total compliance with the requirements of our licence. This file contains information about the provision of licensed services, in accordance with guidelines as drawn up and, from time to time, revised by Ofcom.

We welcome all comments about our programming and output. You can contact us using the details below.


Dance Nation Radio delivers the best in electronic dance music, 24/7.


Our playlist - driven by Myriad 5 - is comprised mainly of electronic dance music categorised by 'era' rather than genre. There a five categories that make up our general on-air playlist:


Broadly speaking, our 'Oldskool' selection includes any music released prior to 1998. This makes up approximately 30% of our on-air output


This section of the playlist accounts for approximately 20% of on-air output and includes tracks released between 1999 - 2002.


'Modern' tracks provide a buffer zone between categories and includes music released between Millennium & Current day programming


To keep things fresh we update our playlist weekly to include all things current and present day. In some cases this means introducing new music, ahead of official release. Dance Nation Radio is privileged to have close contacts within the music industry - including labels & distribution - and have established a close working relationship with artists, producers and distributors. Our 'current' selection represents about 30% of our on-air output and usually contains approximately >60 tracks. We aim to make sure that you don't hear these repeat within a 24 hour period.


We believe that new music should be as fresh as possible which means our current tracks will be cycled out after a period of 6-8 weeks. They will then enter a concurrent section for up to one year before transferring into our modern category.

Programming Team:

Dance Nation Radio's playlist is curated by a team of professional staff with many decades of radio & industry experience. We think they do a great job!

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'Dance Nation Radio' is part of the Sweet Briar Media Group (Ltd)

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